Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's wrong?

LOL… I just got an email from Kathy asking “what’s wrong?”  I emailed her back “what?”  She emailed me, “You haven’t posted in two days.”  Whoops… nothing wrong, honest.  I just plain forgot. 

I’ve been sewing, working in the yard a bit because it’s been cool and not sunny, and just keeping busy.  I’ve also had my nose in my nook.. read two more books, Finders Keepers  and Hide and Seek, both by Catherine Palmer.  I enjoyed them both. 

And I am almost finished one of my new mystery samples.  I added two borders yesterday, just need to add one more border then that one will be finished.  And then I can finish #2, and then maybe work on #3.  Mystery starts July 14th if you want in on it! 

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