Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have to remember it is Tuesday

Whenever we have a Monday holiday I am off days for a week, sometimes more.  Since I have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow, Wednesday, I have to keep reminding myself it’s Tuesday today.  I sure hope I remember.

Having John home isn’t helping either, him being here makes me think it is the weekend.  He’s home because he’s taking a class on line, and the firewall at work won’t permit him to access what he needs for the class. 

And since he is home and in the office doing his work, I can’t get in there to finish my organizing and getting back to sewing.  So today I cleaned some… rearranged the back porch making it more comfy for summer viewing… we can sit on the sofa now and watch the hummers at the feeder and the other birds in the yard. 

I also had to do some replanting of plants, pots getting over crowded so it was time.  I tried to pawn off give some to Mike and Kelly, but they only took one.  And Jonathon didn’t want any either… how does one get rid of snake plants other than tossing them in the compost heap? 

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