Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dinner report

As I started dishing up dinner John came in the door and announced it was coming down hard outside.  I grabbed the camera and opened up the back door and snapped this picture.. … snowing and blowing pretty hard. 

Then I went back and finished dishing up and we sat down to eat.  We were both a little apprehensive, it wasn’t the most delicious looking dinner…  however I knew I’d scored when John said it was like having dessert for dinner.  He even asked for seconds and after I’d dished seconds for both of us I realized I hadn’t taken a finished picture… so all you get to see are the leftovers. 

So my report… made with bread cubes instead of bread, it comes out more like bread pudding but was very yummy.  I had no sticking or burning at all.  When I make it again, and I will, I will have to buy bread for it, I only like wheat, pumpernickel or rye breads and don’t think they would do well in this recipe.  I will even consider using the bread cubes again, quick and easy. 

As I said this morning I added craisins and raisins to it, I am thinking blueberries would also be delicious.  The 12 oz bag of cubes made more than enough for two generous (I’m stuffed) helpings for both of us and the same left over for another meal. 

And I might try making it ahead of time, then put it in a loaf pan in the fridge over night and slicing it and browning it in the frying pan for breakfast.  That would make it more like French toast, but I liked it just the way we had it tonight. 

And John just said for the second time, “you can make that again anytime.”  I think we have a winner!

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