Monday, February 25, 2013

Don’t be fooled

I hope that anyone getting an email like the one I just got will not be fooled by it.  Sadly, I’m sure somewhere in the www someone will and who knows what will happen to their account, or even worse, their computer. 

Dear Customer,
We need your help resolving an issue with your account. To give us time to
work together on this, we've temporarily limited what you can do with your
account until the issue is resolved.
We understand it may be frustrating not to have full access to your
account. We want to work with you to get your account back to normal as
quickly as possible.
What's the problem?
We need a little bit more information about you to help confirm your
Case ID Number: PP-259-187-991
How you can help
Download The Attachment and Confirm Your Account

No I will not download ANYTHING from someone I don’ t know.  I also will not download anything from people I DO know who never send me things to download.  I will not click on a link a friend sends me who never sends me links, I am super cautious about clicking on links from friend who often send me links… and sometimes I’ll delete a message from a dear dear friend who asks me to “check out this site”  And I never reply to any of the above either… 

And funny, the same time I found the email above in my spam file I found one from Rachel Ray.  Since I don’t know Rachel Ray personally and have never emailed her that one too was ignored. 

Another email found in spam this morning, We value your opinion on the Oscars.  Now that is FUNNY!  I haven’t been to the movies in over 25 years, I haven’t purchased a movie in over five and we don’t get any movie channels at all, not one. So my opinion of the Oscars… horrible waste of money.  I think that about sums it up!


  1. I too am super cautious. I have gotten things like this and I do not reply to any of them. I usually try to forward them to the company where they are supposed to be from so that they can investigate the origin.

  2. i had one in my spam folder from reese witherspoon...who knew she knew me?


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