Friday, February 15, 2013

Modern Quilts

A few years ago if anyone had asked me to define “modern” quilts I would have said ugly.  Period, that’s all.  At a quilt show one year I saw a “modern” quilt made of tin cans tied together with yarn.  It was hanging in the special section of the show… to me it wasn’t a quilt and didn’t belong there.  I still do not understand why it was.

My opinion of modern quilts has changed, and modern quilts have changed too.  Not all are ugly art pieces, and some even are suitable to be put on a bed and used to keep you warm.

When I was asked to review “Modern Quilts” from McCall’s Quilting I was honest and said “..I'm not a "modern" quilter myself” but they sent me a copy anyway.  I’m reviewing this ebook for them, but other than the PDF am not getting paid for what I am saying. 

Editor-in-Chief Beth Hayes says, “Modern quilts are notable for their minimalist aesthetic, use of bright, bold colors with large doses of white and other neutral solids, asymmetrical designs, and free-form piecing. These quilts are meant to be fun to make, and comfy to use.” 

Wow, maybe I am a modern quilter after all… I have many quilts that fit that description. 

There are three projects in the ebook, “Baubles and Beads”, “Rainbow Rhythm” and “Lemon Squeezy”.   Baubles and Beads is very pretty and quite simple and would be a great scrap user upper.  Rainbow Rhythm is all triangle squares and very interesting… lovely.  The pattern is easy to follow.  Would I make it… no, but I do love the way the accent color is used to put a zing in the quilt.  I would consider this technique as a way to use up bonus triangle squares, putting that accent in there to jazz up the scrappies. 

Lastly is Lemon Squeezy, Piece and quilt a bright throw all in one easy construction step.  I LOVE the technique shown, very similar to my Speedy Strips, but as a quilt-as-you-go technique… I will most certainly be trying this.  I can see this as a perfect charity quilt project.  I actually can’t wait to get started on one. 
First I have to find a place to do it, no where I can in my house, but I’m thinking this will make a great retreat project.  And I won’t make mine as large as the one in the ebook, just use the technique to make a child size quilt. 

If you want your own copy of this ebook you can find it here.  (Yes you have to sign up for emails, but if they offer projects like these three, it will be worth it!) 

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