Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I had a quandary

I had a quandary… which one of ten quilts, brand new to me and the world (possibly) patterns, should I make next? How do I pick? And I can’t show them, they are all mysteries first for the Mysteries For Relay group, and then maybe I will publish them, maybe.
#1 Two ladies are testing already
#2 I don’t have the fabric for… well at least not what I want use, I want baby fabric. 
#3 Needs black or navy and would make a good retreat project for Spring, so it will have to wait till then, I need black

#4 is really new, and I really should check my measurements before I send to the testers

#5 would require some fabric decisions, and that’s just too overwhelming to me right now, LOL!

#6 same as #5
#7 requires two fabrics, and I have more than two, but just not what I want for this project.

#8 is already started, I could finish it, but I want to start something new… 
#9 I want to use pre-cuts but need a contrast to go with one of the pre-cuts I have…  that requires shopping… oh my

#10 also needs black or navy and would also make a great spring retreat project, but also requires me to shop.  Good thing I am headed to Lancaster soon.

So, after listing them here, decision is made, easily.  Mystery #?? (#4)   Brand new (I think) block so I need to test it myself to make doubly sure my measurements are correct.  Now I just need to decide what fabric to use. 

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