Monday, February 18, 2013

More about last night dinner

I’ve been informed that my antique crock pot is not a crock pot at all, but a slow cooker.  And sure enough, right on the front it says Slow Cooker.  I’ve also been informed that they are different and that crock pot recipes will not cook properly in a slow cooker… 

Sorry, but I strongly disagree… I have used my slow cooker to cook crock pot recipes for years and never had a problem.  Maybe I’ve just been lucky?  Knock on wood I never do have any problems and I do plan to read more about the differences when I have a chance. 

And I also want to report that last night’s leftovers when warmed in the microwave made an excellent breakfast.  Yummy in my tummy…. 

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  1. I had one of those slow cookers! The biggest difference is the heat element. The cooker has heat only on the has to radiate up the sides. A crock pot has the heat around the sides of the "crock" or stoneware vessel. I'd say you've been very lucky ...not only to have the cooker for 30 years (mine lasted less than was red) but you've not had burnt on the bottom food...that was a big problem in my kitchen...if you love it, I hope it lasts another 30 years.


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