Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pattern Testers

I am very fortunate to have a group of trusted people who test my patterns for me.  I also have a few ladies who proofread the patterns for grammer or speling mistakes, both which I make a lot of, although I seem to use the same proofreader often, since she is so willing to help me. 

Right now I have a new pattern out being tested by two different ladies.  And today I learned that not everyone is following directions, LOL! 

Proofreader #1 has proven herself over and over again as extremely reliable.  Usually she reads the clues one at a time and follows each one as I write it, and then makes comments to me as to how it would sound better, or how the diagram should look.  Usually.   

Proofreader #2 is a dear old friend of mine… we’ve been friends for a long time and she is a bit older than I am… cause I know she’ll read this and be insulted I called her an old friend.  This dear has tested patterns for I don’t know how long and… well she doesn’t always follow directions.  Many times she rushes through and ends up making mistakes… and she knows it too. 

Today Proofreader #2 sends me an email that there is something drastically wrong in the pattern.  She sends me photos to prove the point.  At first I thought SHE hadn’t followed directions but when I looked at the diagram… I was the one who had made the mistake. 

Well Proofreader #1 had told me in an email she was almost done putting together her top, and I couldn’t imagine how with that drastic mistake, so I called her.  She chuckled shyly and said… “You caught me”  She’d looked at the finished picture to chose her fabrics and read step one and then kept going without ever looking at the pattern again. 

Proofreader #1 promised not to do that ever again, although I might just teach her a lesson and send her one step at a time again, LOL! 

And proofreader #2 has a head start on a totally different pattern with her booboo pieces.  And promised to finish this one before she starts on that one. 

Maybe it’s time to call up proofreader #3 again, who was also very  reliable!  Sylvia are you busy? 

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