Monday, March 26, 2012

and the lawyers got in the middle

Copyright is a scary thing.  And I respect copyright laws very much.  The law protects us.  The laws also make life miserable sometime. 

There is a well known designer who I’ve followed off and on for a while.  I like her style, well some of the time.  I don’t like my own style some of the time, so no offense if I don’t like everything someone makes all the time.

Anyway, this blogger is published.  I’ve been approached to publish several times.  I thought about it.  I said no.  I like my life the way it is minus the current pain of course.  I don’t need to go there. 

Recently this designer/blogger has had lawyers threatening her.  I’m not going into it, if you read quilt blogs you most likely know who I’m talking about.  I am very sorry that this talented young designer is going through this heart and head ache. 

And I am so happy I’ve said no when asked.  And I will say no if ever asked again. 

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