Friday, March 30, 2012

Drs report

I am amazed at the emails I’ve gotten asking to know what the Doctor said today.  It’s nice to know so many of you care, thank you. 

Unfortunately, and I was expecting it, the report was not good.  My numbers are up again meaning the polymyalgia rheumatica is back.  But I knew that, I’ve known it since the middle of February.  I hoped I could stick it out, learn to live with the pain.  But that didn’t happen and I gave in.

So what happens now?  First, I am back on the prednisone, a large dose then decreasingly smaller doses until the numbers go down. 

I wonder how many of the prednisone side effects will bother me this time?  Will it make my hyper and keep me up all night?  That would be OK with me as long as it doesn’t give me the shakes.  Imagine the quilting I can get done if I don’t have to sleep. 

Will it make me want to eat everything in site?  Better get rid of all the goodies in the house again, hide the chocolate and sugar.  Although I did pretty well once I got the cravings under control this last year.  I actually lost 20 pounds in 2011, I hope I don’t find them again this year. 

I also wonder how long it will be before I can have another margarita.  Darn, should have gone out to dinner last night. 

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