Thursday, March 22, 2012

My special tree

What’s so special about this tree?  You have to understand its history really because that is what makes it so special. 

When we came home from living in Europe for six years we bought a lovely home in Woodbridge VA.  It became its own little paradise in the spring when the trees blossomed.  There were several dozen azaleas, rhododendrons galore, lilac bushes and one gigantic cherry tree.  I loved the pink blossoms of the cherry tree and when we bought our home here I wanted a tree just like it here. 

John on the other hand did not.  He didn’t like it just because it bore fruit which made a mess in the driveway.  And I do mean a mess.  When the cherries dropped we had cherry jam on the driveway and sidewalk and on the car if it was left there.  And we only had a one car garage and two cars… so…

Before we left VA to move here I found a twig which had rooted in the hedge.  The leaves were the same as the cherry tree, so I was pretty sure it was a baby.  I climbed in the hedge and carefully pulled it up.  I got about five inches of thread like roots, which made John happy, he was sure it would never grow. 

But grow it did.  That little twig grew and grew and grew.  Before long it was higher than our two story house.  But it didn’t blossom.  That made John very happy, because no blossoms meant no cherry jam.

Then all of a sudden about five years ago it started to bloom.  Every spring more and more blossoms appear and depending on the weather, two weeks or more.  Then it snows cherry petals all over the yard.  And this year is it has more blossoms then ever and I truly love it.  And John is happy too, so far, no cherries!

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