Saturday, March 03, 2012

Answers to questions about pinterest

Did you join?  No I did not

Are you going to join?  No I am not

If you aren’t a member, how do you know what they have of yours pinned? 
Now that is a good question.  If you own a domain you can see what people have pinned from your domain easily. YOUR DOMAIN NAME HERE.COM  So for my blog I would put and see no one has pinned from my blog.  Oh wait a minute, I left out a period. That should be and one of my November Stars photos was pinned. 

Gee, I wonder if I should be upset about that?   Oh my… what shall I do… NOTHING, just like I did about the things pinned from my web site. 

Someone else said to me, “a bookmark is fine but saving the picture actually reminds me better what I wanted to save.  It is a photo bookmark and way to get back to your web site” 
So pin away people I have other things to do, like quilting!

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  1. Aw.. Pinterest... I use it a little bit but honestly, I usually don't remember to pin things. every once and a while I will pin things. but if I really want to keep an idea I save the web site or pic to my computer.... Most of the time I don't do any thing with the pics or info. But I like to save stuff... lol


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