Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I sewed!

I actually went upstairs and did some sewing today.  First I had to put away the fabrics I bought while on retreat, which was easy.  I didn’t buy much and what I did was for projects, so I made a few zip lock bags of projects.  Then I had to put away the projects I took on retreat with me and never touched, more projects in zip lock bags.  (I’m starting to have quite a few projects in plastic, PIPs)

Then I pulled out one of the projects I started at the retreat and finally got the top finished.  It’s only a wall hanging, but it’s almost done.  I hope to quilt it tomorrow and get it in the mail maybe even this weekend. 

I can’t show a real photo because the person it’s for reads this blog….  I’ll post a photo as soon as she gets it in the mail. 

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