Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting back to the routine

At least I think I am getting back to my normal routine, much sooner than years past when it’s taken me a week to recover from a retreat.  That says a lot about this retreat, I was able to go and relax and not come home so dead I couldn’t function for a week.  Today I can honestly say I have completed the retreat work that needs to be done except for a few little things.

I need to make a deposit, which will be done when I go to the Doctor’s tomorrow for my check up.  (I thought the appointment was today, but it’s not until Wednesday)  I still need to take my sewing things upstairs to the sewing room too.  The fabric is in the washer and I haven’t taken up my projects basket yet. 

I had such plans, seven projects.  No I didn’t expect to finish all seven, but I thought I’d put a dent in them.  I finished a sample for the next mystery although it was smaller than I intended it to be.  I found myself very distracted by retreat antics while cutting and didn’t do a very accurate job.  But the top is finished and I do love it.  I also made a few blocks for another project but time ran out and that was all I got done. 
My plans are to finish the project I started at the retreat then start another one of the mystery projects.  Hopefully my accuracy will be better here with no distractions.

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