Thursday, March 01, 2012

Look what came in the mail

More boxes of more cast offs, but these were not UFOs, or blocks or pieces of blocks.  Nope these were just plain old fabric… hand dyed fabrics that is!  Two huge boxes, all hand dyeds.  WOW… I have ideas bursting in my head and can’t wait to get at them.  Trip Around the World, Broken Dishes, Jacob’s Ladder, Scrappy Gridlock, Quarter of a Court House, Scrappy Stars, Wonky Squares, and when I am done making any one of those quilts, a strings quilt!

First load, darks, in the washer.  Then a small load of lights, another small load of pinks and a smallish load of oranges, then I get to play with them. 

WOW!  Thanks friend!

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