Monday, March 12, 2012

Car is loaded, almost

The car is loaded except for a few last minute things…   my toothbrush and toothpaste, my alarm clock, and the driver! When I ran my errands this morning nothing shifted at all, so it was packed tighter than I thought it was.  But the last minute things went in nice and tomorrow just those few thing and we’re on our way. 

When I got home from errands I did some sewing, finished another charity quilt, this one is for May.  I sure hope I get April’s done at the retreat, or maybe I will have to switch them around… either way is fine I guess since I’m the only one who knows what is coming up.

I also hope to get a special fabric for the June project while retreating.  I have stuff that will work, but plan to look for something better, something special! 
I’ll try to post while retreating, but you know how that goes.  The days seem to fly past and when I get home I’ve forgotten again.  I’ll try, but no promises.  Oh..  check Facebook too, maybe I can figure out how to post on there from my cell phone. 

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  1. As usual I wish I were going, but I know I'll hear all the wonderful stories from Cathie and Helaine. I hope all have a wonderful time!


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