Thursday, March 29, 2012

For a little quilt...

For a little quilt it is sure is a lot of work.  I’m sure that if my body wasn’t aching so much and if my fingers worked better this would be finished and ready to go in the mail.  I’d hoped to mail it tomorrow when I have to go out, but it’s not ready yet.  The quilting part is done, I think, just a lot of ends to tie and bury.  Then the borders and binding. 

And tomorrow is another day.  But tomorrow I see the rheumatologist again and I’m guessing she’s going to put me back on the prednisone.  And then I will have some sleepless nights while I get used to it again.  And hopefully those nights I can spend doing something constructive, as long as I don’t get the shakes like I did last time.  Time will tell.

Yes, tomorrow is another day.  I’d hoped to cut out and get a head start on another mystery.  Saturday is mystery day again over at Mysteries For Relay, and I have a small sample done but wanted to start another one.  Hopefully I’ll get to it.  Fingers crossed!

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