Monday, July 30, 2012

Disappointing blog hopping

I was blog hopping this morning while waiting for the washer to finish washing… I found a cute block on a blog with a link to the tutorial on making that block.  It’s perfect for some fabric I have so I clicked on the link. 

While the page was loading, I figured it had a lot of pictures since it was taking so long, I accidently clicked on a link which took me away from the page I was trying to view.  I hit the browsers back button, but that didn’t work.  It was one of the pages that insists you stay there, and when I closed the page, it popped back up again. 

So I closed all the browsers and let the virus program stop the pop-ups and tried again.  I went to the URL and put down the mouse and let the page load fully before I touched it again.  I went to scroll down, and the cursor touched something and another ad popped up and refused to go away. 

Now I don’t really like blogs that have ads, but I tolerate them.  But this was pure annoying.  I tried one more time and let the page fully load.  I used the arrow to scroll down rather than risking the cursor touch anything at all, and did a screen shot of the block.  I’ll figure it out myself. 

And now I’m going to make sure that no one has that kind of problem reading my blog.  Make sure the links are not where you can accidently click, and promise again that I will NEVER have ads on here.. Never ever!

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