Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening ceremonies

I watched every minute and I loved it all.  What was my favorite part…  I can’t really say.  I loved all the pictures of the United Kingdom, so many times we said "we’ve been there!"  I loved the children’s bedtime scene, I loved the love story, I loved Bond and the Queen. Loved loved loved that she jumped from the helicopter.  (And don’t tell me she didn’t!)   I loved Sir Paul, especially when he choked up starting his song… I loved the torch ceremony, very moving in my opinion. 

And unlike most quilters who did hand work during the show, I worked with Jack.  A friend sent me some spare blocks left over from her Janet’s quilts, yes quilts.  She knew I had a smaller one which I’ve called Janet’s leftovers, so she thought I could add hers to mine.  But hers are so different than mine, I have to do a little rearranging so they don’t stick out… That meant doing some ripping.  And as spellbound as I was to the TV it took me 3 1/2 hours to take out a just a few blocks. 

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