Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hot hot is it?

TOO hot.  It’s hotter than heck here.  Last night we went out and watered our new gardens, hoping to save the newest perennials from the heat wave.  I had six new plants to add so John dug nice holes, and worked up a good sweat, and then even did some weeding.  We’d just finished when the plant lady (a.k.a. Cheri) drove in the driveway with more rejects from work.  Unfortunately two of the plants she brought with her were beyond saving, but the dirt in the pots is good so the soil was dumped in the garden.  The other two are sad looking, but I think they are begonias and I think they will live in a bigger pot… so as soon as it cools off some I’ll replant them into nice pots and let them grow on the back deck… I hope. 

Yesterday I finished the center of another strings quilt.  This one is quite pretty if I do say so myself.  But I ran out of one of my primary colors, and don't have anything leftover for borders, so I think it will never be finished... poor thing. 

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