Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I had a buyer....

I got a phone call from a local lady who has purchased quilts from me in the past.  She said she was hoping I had a finished quilt she could purchase for a nephew’s wedding next month.  I asked her what size and she said queen or king and I thought of this quilt right away.

I described it to her, told her exactly how it was made   etc and she said “So how much?”  Now.. let me first tell you, this lady has bought quilts off my bed, very obviously used since they were on the bed, and didn’t balk at the price.  But this time I told her I wanted $500 for the quilt and she literally screamed at me, “but it was free to you!” 

Let’s see… free to me?  Yes, the triangle squares were all given to me, true, no cost in making the quilt top, except for my time.  It is a 90 inch square quilt, and it took three yards of backing fabric at $19 a yard.  The quilter did a fabulous job at putting it all together at the cost of $192.  I will probably spend a billion hours, give or take a few, putting on the binding, but my time isn’t worth anything.. 

So the total cost of this quilt out of pocket cash expenses was $249 plus my worthless time, I don’t think $500 is enough… the price just went up to $600 and I sure hope she doesn’t change her mind about not wanting it because it might go up even more if she calls me back. 

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  1. Dear Marge ,
    I guess it's true folks come in all shapes and sizes of opinions. I have found that quoting how much a longarm quilter would charge for quilting a quilt gives some credibility to naming a price for a quilt. Sometimes I wish I would keep my mouth shut and not tell everyone around me that I got something for free. It would make me mad that someone used that info to try and get a cheap quilt. I stumbled upon your blog searching for 3-d bow tie how to pages. I would like to teach this class and use your instructions. If I teach it I would make a donation to your page, just let me know how much.


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