Monday, July 09, 2012

Happy transplants

This spring, or was it early summer, we transplanted a bunch of lilies, iris and black eyed Susan’s from a garden that was overgrown with a weed we couldn’t get rid of.  We carefully made sure all the roots we planted had no trace of the weed root and put everything in two new gardens.  The iris had already blossomed but it was too early for the rest of them, and they probably shouldn’t have been transplanted when they were, but we had no choice, the weed was killing them. 

The tiger lilies blossomed, although fewer flowers on each stem, and the stalks fell on the ground with the heavy flowers.  The stargazer lilies were showing no signs of budding.  I watered, kept an eye on them, watered and kept hoping.  Then all of a sudden, buds and then

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