Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I’m OK, honest!  And I thought I blogged yesterday, just forgot I guess.  I’ve had visitors off and on the last two days, all family, MY family.  That’s a very special thing to me because I am not that close to my family, well not as close as some families are. 

Sunday I saw my brother for the first time in nine years.  I thought it was eight but he informed me politely that it was nine, and I have to take his word for it… he’s younger than me so his brain is sharper, (so he thinks)… It was an interesting visit, we had a lot to catch up on. 

And yesterday, I tried very hard to get caught up on my work, retreat work and sewing work, but one thing or another interrupted me and I didn’t get anything done but two loads of laundry and a very nice visit from my sister Kathy and her daughter Cole.  Now I’ve seen Kathy a lot more than my brother, but we had lots to talk about and catch up on too.  Kathy is on facebook so I keep up with her that way and she calls me often, but nothing beats a face to face visit.  (I don’t call her because she does shift work and I never know what shift she is working and/or when she is sleeping!) In person hugs are so much nicer than virtual hugs.

Now back to sewing, I’m working in retreat project  number 7!

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