Saturday, July 26, 2008

185 miles… (photos added)

According to all the road signs between Gallup and Flagstaff we’ve only gone 185 miles today. That’s where our day started and ended, but it doesn’t tell you anything of what we saw. Right now my mind is on overload again, and my body is confused about what time it is, and I have a headache the size of Texas…ok maybe not that big, but close. And for all of you who said it was a different kind of hot here, let me assure you, hot is hot regardless of the humidity. Sure there is very little humidity here, but when it is 103, it is still hot. And I have never welcomed rain so much as I did tonight… I’ve have nosebleeds for the last two days from the dry air.

Anyway when we got started today we were in Gallup and it was only 82, sort of nice.

Our first stop was the Petrified Forest National Park, and we visited every single vista. The scenery was unbelievable and ever changing.

And it got hotter every time we got out of the car. The last time I looked, at the Giant Logs lookout it was 101.

We had lunch in Holbrook at Bubbas Big Pig Bar-Ba-Que and John had a delicious pulled pork dinner…. I decided to try something different, a bar-ba-que bologna sandwich. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but I can tell you this… I will wish Holbrook was closer in months to come. (Wonder if I can find something like that back home?) By the way, Bubba’s was right down the street from the Wigwam Village Motel #6 on Route 66.
We left Bubba’s and headed to Flagstaff to find our hotel, and then immediately left for Sadona. What can I say… Wow… beautiful, stunning… I’m running out of words. You will just have to wait for the photos, which I promise to post when I have more time.

And here are promised photos, added 8-11

Dinner was at the Blue Moon Café in Sedona, and was as yummy as Bubba’s only totally different. Veggie pizza with pesto instead of tomato sauce and artichokes…never had one like that on the boardwalk!

When we pulled into the hotel just now the car said it was 60 out and it was raining softly, and it was wonderful.

Tomorrow Grand Canyon, I hope 2 gigs is enough room for all the photos I plan to take. (I’ve already taken over 5 gigs worth)

For Peggy who asked me today how far we’ve gone, MapQuest says there are 2336 miles between home and here, but we’ve driven over 3500 so far! And we still have two weeks to go.

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