Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Email answers

A few of the many emails I had to read referred to this blog… here are some replies for you all to read

Peggy asked me how many miles we’ve gone now… I’m not sure because we haven’t been in the car since Sunday night. I know my feet have put on some miles, I’ve walked more lately than I have in ages. Yesterday I was smart/dumb and wore socks. Smart because I have a blister I’m doctoring, and they helped. Dumb because they were apparently polyester socks and I broke out horribly around my ankles, I’m sensitive to polyester.

Janie asked how many photos I’ve taken… interesting question and story. I have a 4 gig high def card in my best camera, it only has space for 100 some photos more. That is what my lap top refuses to read, so unless I can get them off of there, I may run out of space on the best camera soon. However, I have some just plain memory cards on another camera which is what I’ve been sharing on the blog. Takes good photos too, and I can download them on here. So how many… literally thousands. Honest!

Sue said she looked up the bird I saw at Grand Canyon…. there was a second blue bird too, so I am really sorry I forgot my bird book. I actually saw a few birds today too…these were at the conservatory at the Bellagio.

Charlotte asked “Don't you just love the west and the wide open spaces?” Oh yes, I certainly do. What a pity there aren’t four seasons and an ocean here. As much as I love the beauty and diversity of the west, I have to have my ocean.

Kathy asked how the food was… what I have eaten has been great. However, I have only eaten at cafes within two different casinos so far. Yesterday lunch and breakfast today. It’s now 5:00 local time, and I’m just now getting hungry. Gee, wonder what’s for dinner?

Carole wanted to know how much money I’ve lost playing slots… nosey… No really I haven’t done too badly. I think I have probably only lost about $25. Don’t worry, I can’t afford to lose money, so I am being really really really careful. Today was fun, at the Belligio I put in $1 and bet 80 cents and won $4.65. I cashed out, put $3.65 in my pocket, and another $1 in the machine. Then I won another $3, and played with that for about 35 minutes before I was down to pennies and cashed out again. At another casino, I forget which one, I had a similar experience. Funny how when you want to lose you win….

So that’s it for now. I will try to post again tomorrow before my 24 hours are up. After that I’m not sure when I’ll post again. We’re headed to the Grand Canyon north rim Thursday night, and then who knows where for one night, and I’m not sure if we’ll have net either night. Then we will be visiting a dear old friend from our military days, I sure hope he’s ready for us… but I probably won’t post there… then on the road again, and I will try to find hotels that have free net…

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  1. My question is: Is the M&M store still there? If I recall correctly, it was behind the huge Coca-Cola bottle/ticket place - but there seems to be an Outback, out back there now - at least I think that's what I'm looking at in your pictures. I love the Vegas strip - I could walk and walk and walk... only it's too hot... and most all the time, be gawking with my mouth open, just like a "flat-land tourister." Thanks for sharing the Grand Canyon - it looks GRAND!


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