Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good morning

I’ve just realized something… if I post my daily message after 9 local time it shows up as being posted tomorrow although it’s still today where I am. So when it says I posted on Saturday, it was really Friday here, but already Saturday at home.

I slept great last night, and woke up before our alarm went off… way before. We were in bed by ten and I know I was asleep by 11. I don’t remember getting up at all during the night. When I did get up the sun was up, and I was sure we’d over slept. But the clock said it was 5:30 something so I went back to bed. I dozed for a few more minutes, but soon had that “we’ve overslept” feeling. I jumped up, it was just 6:15. He’s on vacation so I don’t dare tell him to get up, so I sat here and read emails quietly.

We may have adjusted our clocks, but we can’t as easily adjust our bodies. Mine is still on Eastern time, the computer is on Eastern time, my cell phone is on Mountain time I think, the car is on local time. Although I’m not real sure any more what time it is.. I think I’ll start every day when I feel like it, despite what the clocks say.

He's up, so we're starting today, which I'm sure is Saturday July 26th!

Sue, Happy Birthday tomorrow, incase I can't get on line tonight! Wait till you see my bird photos, I actually have a few to show you when I get home.

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