Thursday, July 24, 2008

About July 23rd

NOTE…. I wrote this very early this morning, and then could not get it on line… the motel we were at had wireless… but I swear it was wireless dial up…. S L O W and it refused to cooperate. So this is about July 23rd and I have a whole bunch to share about today, July 24 but right now I’m going to bed… see you in the AM.

We took the long road yesterday, and boy was it worth the trip. We left Lowell Arkansas and let the Garmin do the talking… yes she’s talking again thank goodness. She decided we should go via 412 which was ok by us since we’d seen 540, which was absolutely beautiful by the way.

The scenery on 412 was interesting to say the least, and it became more and more beautiful as we traveled. It was hard not stopping everywhere to see things, so we didn’t… just keep on going. Then we ran into a toll road, which we thought we only had in the east, LOL. It was beautiful, and John loved the speed limit of 75. Many miles and as many photos later, we were back on 40 headed west.

Oklahoma was so scenic I think I have whiplash from looking back and forth on the highway. We saw things we have never seen before, and the beauty was truly breathtaking. We made several stops, but finally made our way into Texas. There again the scenery changed some and we saw a part of Texas neither of us had seen before. Having lived in Texas almost nine years, it was fun being there again.

We stopped in Amarillo for dinner, more about that later, passed the Cadillac Ranch and headed into New Mexico where we had reservations for the night. Unfortunately all of our sightseeing got us in a little later than we’d hoped so we hit the sack and now are ready for another day.

Too many photos to share today. Maybe later when we stop for the night I’ll pick a few. It’s time to get on the road again….see you later from who knows where!

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