Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Later Tuesday July 22nd

Tonight finds us in Lowell Arkansas, where we spent a delightful day visiting my friend Marge and her husband Frank. Marge and I have our morning coffee together every morning when I am at home, she on her computer and me on mine… and it was a lot of fun to spend some time with her in her lovely home. John and Frank got acquainted and I’m not sure who out talked who, but John had a nice day, and I hope Frank did too.

One thing Marge and I managed to do was to get all my photos off my stubborn camera on to a CD to tonight I can share some photos with you of our trip so far….So you all can thank Marge Ark for these photos!

Starting back at the beginning of our trip,
the first state after Delaware was Maryland. And one of my favorite places in Maryland is the Chesapeake Bay, so here is a photo from the Bay Bridge on our way west Saturday morning.

And what better to show you from our Nation’s Capitol than the Washington Monument… yes we drove straight through DC, always do and love every mile.

Next state is Virginia, and here is a bit of the VA country side, I think this is right where I66 and I81 merge… I think.

Next comes Tennessee, and these are the Smokies… only this day they were more humid than smoke, but still very pretty.

Will someone in the Driskill house please tell me why we didn’t take any photos this trip? I think we were having too much fun… but that’s just my opinion.

In west Tennessee we passed through Nashville
and had dinner at Corky’s

and then passed over the mighty Mississippi River. More tomorrow!

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