Friday, July 25, 2008

More photos

We woke up in Santa Rosa New Mexico yesterday, and today (July 25th) we are in Gallup, still New Mexico. We decided again to get off the highways and see what there is to see. My eyes hurt from all the looking and I’ve taken so many photos my memory cards are almost filling up fast.

This first photo was taken from our motel parking lot early yesterday morning. Just a hint of what was to come. We always thought New Mexico would be brown in the summer, but either our ideas are totally wrong, or there has been a lot of rain here. We saw so many colors of green yesterday it would be impossible to count them all.

We were/are fascinated by these modern giants, probably because some day soon they will be turning in our home town ocean. I heard so many bad things about them and how ugly they were, but found them quite beautiful really. The way they glisten in the sun is divine. And the way they use the wind to create energy, so much nicer to our environment….

This is what we saw a lot of yesterday, from far away and from on top. Get off the highway and you see so much more, believe me!
This is just a pretty train depot in the middle of nowhere, one of many such beautiful sites we saw.

A long time ago I crossed this line before, and it was flat…. This trip we were at a very high elevation.

Something I read on the side of a home yesterday…We don’t inherit our environment from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Our destination for today is just a few miles down the road, Flagstaff. But the way we go we will most likely put another 1000 miles or 1000 photos between here and there.

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