Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday July 29, 2008

Today John had to be up early, and since part of me is still on Eastern time I was up with him. And since I was up I decided to take advantage of the day while it was still only hot, not hotter than….

So back on the tram I went, then instead of crossing the street to MGM I went to NY, yes really, and later I went to Paris too… Vegas is truly amazing. I can’t even remember all the places I’ve been but I can sure show you some… I could have shown you more, but my camera battery wore out. Oh well I’ll just have to go back tomorrow!

Now a little about my devilish scheme.. Mike if you are reading this you will only spoil my surprise for you… so stop reading… please…

I know that Mike thinks I came here and will do nothing but sit in my room the whole time, especially since I am so horribly uncomfortable in enclosed spaces which have limited (none at all) windows and/or ways to get out of. Well I have proved to him and myself too, that I can do it. And to prove that I’ve visited all the places I’m going to tell him about, as well as some photos, I will have some tickets to show. I decided to visit as many casinos as possible, and play at least one machine at each one I go to. Sure, I’m only playing the penny machines, and I’m only putting in $1 but I am having a grand time.

Yesterday I was fairly lucky, but still came home with no money… I only left with $20, and I bought some post cards and played slots for quite a few hours, so I don’t think I did too badly. Today I did even better, I left with $20, came home with $19 and visited 5 different casinos.

John is conferencing and missing all the fun... today especially since he had a presentation to do, so was working. Later tonight they have some big “town hall meeting” at the Tropicana. I hope he manages to get some fun in there. Or at least enjoys himself.

Now you are caught up with our adventure..

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  1. Marge, Buddy of mine,

    I'm sitting here with tears of joy and pride at your marvelous adventure!! (& a BIG GRIN, TOO!) I'm so very proud of you!

    "You done good, girl!"



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