Friday, July 11, 2008

Comfy clothes

Today’s photo is an Eastern Bluebird, taken from the office window, shooting towards the deck and backyard.

I had the shingles back in January this year. No big deal, a little discomfort for about a month or so. And then it got worse, so I went back to the Dr. He tells me this isn’t shingles any more, but something left over, PHN. OK, I can handle this too I think. But it gets worse, so he changes the meds, and it still hurts, a lot. So I go back to see him, thinking maybe he missed something. He did, he missed telling me that it won’t just go away, the meds don’t cure it, there is no cure. The meds just mask the pain. He was wrong, well partially wrong, it only masks the pain some of the time.

Clothing hurts with my PHN, my neck goes crazy with even a t-shirt on, and my back hates the bra. One way to ease the pain a little is to put on comfy clothes. Last night was a bad night, so very early I put on my comfy pjs. Early last night, like 7ish. Of course that meant we’d get company, John’s sister and hubby stopped by. And to make matters worse, they were just stopping by for a quick hello, and John calls me to the door so I can come out an say hello back…. He was working in the flower bed outside and I thought he wanted to ask me his typical question, “flower or weed?” NO, he was calling me out to see his sister and hubby, me in my neckless flimsy comfy top braless… I shouldn’t be seen in public that way, heck, I should be seen in private that way!

So Tesa, I wasn’t being rude in not coming out to see you, I was being polite… I didn’t want to shock you any more with my appearance.

And by the way, John never asked “flower or weed?” He just pulled everything, some weeds, and some flowers. But he did leave some flowers, and mulched, looks nice. Wonder if he’ll do the other side next?

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