Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday July 22nd

What a day we had yesterday! We sadly left our friends in Knoxville… we both could have stayed for a week there. We’ve known them forever, and Anne is like a sister to me, and the guys are good friends also, and their son is very special to us to… so we hated leaving them.

But if we didn’t leave there we couldn’t continue our trip so we had to. We drove through Tennessee, stopping in Nashville to see some sites, had dinner at Corkey’s in Memphis (yummmmmmmy ribs) and ended our day in somewhere Arkansas…

What can I say about Arkansas so far… I thought Delaware was flat, we hardly saw a rise in the road (or a turn or bend either) until we got to Little Rock. We did see miles and miles of rice and other low lying plants growing, it was very green and lush looking.

And hot.. the whole day was HOT HOT HOT!!! The car has an external temperature reading, and at one time I glanced over and saw 103, but when we got out of the car I was sure it was a mistake, it had to be 130…. I can’t believe we’re going where it is going to be even hotter. The heat and the air conditioning are really getting to me…

Sorry no photos again this morning, apparently my camera isn’t talking to my computer. And the Garmin isn’t talking at all, so I have to read her directions. Hopefully we can get both problems taken care of today.

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