Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10, 2008

For that friend who said she was tired of looking at my sunflowers… here’s another goldfinch photo on a different flower, LOL! Sorry, there isn’t much to look at around here other than birds, flowers and the occasional rainbow. This is my world.

Today I had lunch with my friend Sue. When I met her she wasn’t an out to lunch person, but I’ve trained her well, and now we dine out together often. Next week before my trip we’re going to Dover for lunch and some slot practice, something else she had never done until I took her one day last winter… darn woman always comes home with more money then she goes in with, usually just about what I lose too, LOL! But regardless of what we do together we always have a great time, and I’m glad our paths crossed when they did.

And Sue is a birder, so at least one person enjoys my bird photos!

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