Sunday, July 06, 2008

Neo has left the building....

Today’s photo is Neo in his new home… not the cage, the location of the cage… now upstate with Jonathon and Steph, sort of where he belongs… sort of.

The story of Neo
Neo joined the family on Jonathon’s 21st birthday, or shortly after anyway. For the first few months in the house he sat in a tiny little fish tank, five gallon size, next to my desk. So we got quite acquainted, and I got to watch him a lot.

When he out grew that tank, he moved upstairs into Jonathon’s bedroom, and I only got to see him when I went up there… which wasn’t too often, that was boy territory and I left it to them. However there were many mornings I would be asked to feed Neo, and I did, a lot.

Son went away to college, and Mom kept Neo. Son came home, Mom fed Neo. Sons moved out, and Neo stayed home, and Mom kept Neo again… He moved into the office, and was my daily companion, bird watching with me and entertaining me a lot with his antics.

But now son is graduated from college and he sort of wanted Neo to move in with them, he and Steph. Well them and Bala, his gecko and his fish and his corals and who knows what else… And now instead of keeping me company and bird watching, Neo will be fish watching, and entertaining Steph and Jonathon. I hope they take good care of him.

I’m going to miss him.

A lot!

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