Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday July 30 8:15 local time

I just decided it was too darn hot to go out today, and besides my tummy is still not happy with last nights dinner, and I don't feel like going out in the heat. Who ever said you didn't feel the heat when there is less humidity is full of crap... hot is hot and it is hotter than heck here.

So I'm going to stay here in the room and take it easy, for a while anyway.

I might go downstairs to the casino. I found a machine here that is the same as my lucky machine at home. I'm going to really gamble big time... I'm taking a $100 bill down there and betting the max bet two or three times, and see how much I can win. I have a theory that when you put big money in you get big money out. It's worked in Harrington, let's see if it works here, LOL.

Oh don't go thinking I've lost my mind, nope, I just need to break that $100 bill, and the max bet is something like $8.40... I can afford that.

After two days of Vegas, I think I'm tired of it. Sure the casinos are beautiful, and the architect lovely, but every one has the same thing in it… I think I’ve seen the same stores, same food joints, and the same machines in every casino I’ve been in. Almost everyone has a Starbucks, and I hate Starbucks coffee. Almost everyone has a Pearl Store, yea, I really came to Vegas to buy pearls. They all have a Hagan-Dazs, overpriced overpriced ice cream. Even McDonalds, Quiznos, Pizza Huts, etc… same as the ones at home only overpriced. The “News Stands” are all the same too, same magazines, same post cards (oversized overpriced), and the same highly overpriced snacks. But then again those snacks are a real bargain compared to the snacks in your rooms… would you pay $6 for a 1.5 oz can of Pringles? So the $4 at the News Stand is a real deal!

And even the restaurants are the same, every casino has a cafĂ©, and a buffet and maybe one fancy joint to eat at. All of those are pretty much the same, or at least look that way from the outside, nothing special to draw you into it. The only thing that makes them unique are their decorations and their specialty restaurants. And each casino has its speciality places, several. And those restaurants are so pricey you can hardly afford to eat in them. I looked at several menus and the prices are outrageous… what I spend for a weeks worth of groceries for one meal for one person.

In one casino I looked at a dinner menu… steak I forget what cut but it must have been a pretty darn special one, $120. And that included a twice baked potato with some kind of cheese on it, and asparagus something or other. That price didn’t include any beverage or dessert. Oh yea…. I want to eat there every night. Call me cheap, I don’t care… I’m logical.

Yea… I’m logical. Now I’m going to go downstairs and break a $100 bill on a slot machine just to test a theory and get change so I can buy breakfast at $10 an egg…. Yep… time to leave Vegas for this gal.

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