Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still Monday the 28th

Another day another dollar… wait, it’s the same day and it was a lot more than just one dollar! Just about the time I finished writing earlier John came in from his meeting, and had a few hours off before he had to conference again. So we went out exploring. There is a tram between this hotel and the next, Luxor, so we took it and then decided to go on to the next place, which is Excalibur. Did some looking around there and decided to go back to Luxor. There we had lunch, yummy and filling and decently priced too, at the Pyramid Café. Then we came back so he could have a few minutes to relax before he started up again.

He left and I was trying to decide what do to… I looked down at the desk and there were two cell phones, mine and John’s. Little hard for me to call him if I have both phones, so I decided to add taking his cell phone to him to my list of things to do… actually truthfully there was no list, I was just challenging myself to get out of the room. Which I did, and I even managed to find where they are holding the conference, all the way in the next state, or at least it seems that way when you are going there for the first time. (It’s right here in the same location, just twenty turns, fifteen escalators and ten hallways later) He was slightly surprised to see me, almost as much as I was to be there… been there done that and now I don’t have to do it again.

Then what… well I had the whole afternoon or what was left of it, and part of the evening, so I headed out to the strip. Yea right, it is 105 out and I wasn’t going out unless I absolutely had to. So I took the tram to Excalibur, walked across the street (only parts were outside) and walked into MGM. Lucky me I was there just in time for feeding the lions, which was really neat. I’m not sure which was more fun, watching the lions or watching the kids watching the lions.
That passed a whole half hour, now what. I decided to find the monorail and take a ride. I’m quite proud of myself, I found it and even managed to buy my ticket without messing up. I rode it all the way to the end, and then didn’t know what to do next, so I rode it back to the next stop, which was the Hilton. Somewhere between the end and Hilton I had a brilliant idea… I’ll tell you what it was later, and I proceeded to work on my devilish scheme. I’ll only tell you that it is my way of proving to some people, including myself, that I can manage this big city without any more crazy panic attacks.

Sooner or later (7:35 PM) I ended up back here in my room, and now you know how I spent day one in Vegas. Yep, that’s it for me, I’m going to run my self a nice bath and sit in there and watch TV till the water gets cold…. Can’t do that at home!

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