Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anxious to sew

With the machine cleaned and oiled I was raring to go, but didn’t have any scraps down here to test it with. So I sewed on the selvage edges just to make sure there was no oil left over anywhere. She was clean and ready to go, so I cut one unit of the upcoming mystery and sewed, and sewed, and sewed. For an old machine she is doing terrific, and I am really enjoying sewing on her.

For those who asked the machine is a Singer 404, straight stitch, slant needle, gear driven machine made sometime in the late 50s, early 1960. It is an all metal machine and quite heavy, and heavy duty too. I’ve owned this machine since 1973 when I bought it at the Singer store in McCreless Mall in San Antonio Texas. I loved the way it ran, and the repair man said it was a great machine, so I bought it before anyone else could. She has never let me down. Even after being in storage for over six years when we went overseas she was ready to go when I started her up.

Since moving here to Delaware I’ve used her mostly for mending, but if she keeps on sewing the way she has this morning, I will certainly use her more.

And Jan, the plant is well under the leaf of the cabinet and there isn’t any way I could trip on it. I may have to move the plant on the right however, one leaf tickles me as I reach for my thread basket (which is not in the photo)

PS, I started to post another photo of the machine in action, showing the thread basket and tickling plant... then I realized I was also showing a unit of the mystery... so no photo!

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