Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How hot is it?

Too hot, that’s how hot it is. I’m very thankful I have this lovely porch to sew on, the sewing room upstairs is unbearable. It’s not that cool back here either, but better than upstairs. And I have a system worked out to stay comfortable. If I have to go back in the house it is freezing, if you call 76 freezing. Then when I come back in here it’s a little warm. So I go outside for five minutes or so, and when I come back in here it’s almost chilly… works every time.

I am sewing up a storm, one top finished, and I really love it. It will be hard to give this one away. But my focus fabric is orange, and I’m not much of an orange decorator, so this lovely will have to go somewhere other than my house.

I like the pattern so much I am making a second one. The fabrics in this are mostly green and yellow… also not in my décor, but I know it will be loved where ever it ends up.

I am leaning towards the end of the month for this mystery. I believe I will post the first clue on the 29th or 30th. If you want to join in, request to join Fabricaholics or Mysteries For Relay. (Only the Mystery group will get the full pattern, non-mystery directions with many different size requirements.)

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