Friday, May 27, 2011

Good news Bad news

Today was Doctor day and I came out with mixed results. Bad news, the stiffness and achy feeling is probably the polymyalgia rheumatica. Both blood counts went in the wrong direction. That means I am stuck on the prednisone a few more months, three at least because unless I get really bad, that’s when the Doc wants to see me again.

Good news, despite the prednisone I have lost 7 pounds. Seven whole pounds, yippee! So glad that is going in the right direction. Now if I can stick to myself imposed diet and keep away from Dairy Queen, I can keep losing.

However, I was soooooo tempted to hit DQ on the way home to celebrate the loss… my fortunately the brain kicked in, DQ will have to wait for a special occasion. Anniversary in June, DQ for dessert!!!


  1. Hang in there Marge. I also struggle with a chronic illness and it seems like I dread those numbers every time I go to the doctor. Hopefully, you can get off the prednisone next visit.

  2. marge,
    congrats on the weight loss! you can still go to dq - just get the fat free fudge bars. they are pretty good.
    tammy k. in illinois


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