Sunday, May 15, 2011

What’s wrong with you?

That was a question from Kathy this morning in an email.... LOL… nothing, honest, I am fine. I am just being lazy. I go for my check up at the end of the month, and am hoping, fingers crossed, that I can maybe get off this medicine. I’m ready, I just hope my blood agrees with me. I have to see those vampires, and then the Doc.

I’m not quilting, just not in the mood. Instead I am cleaning house, well straightening more than cleaning. The cleaning will come later, after I’ve gotten myself organized. I can’t believe how unorganized I’ve become between the Retreat and Relay… I couldn’t even find a camera charger this morning.

Speaking of cameras, my little one broke at Relay, the retractable lens cover fell off. So I went on line looking for a new one. I kind of liked the old one, so was happy to find several up for auction on eBay and after losing several auctions I went ahead and used "But it now"… and it was cheaper than the ones I bid on anyway.

It arrived on Saturday and since I already knew how it worked, I just took a few test shots and then put it away. When I did that I found a camera that had been gifted to me, and decided to try that one out. It’s ok, but doesn’t have the features I like on the Canon. And the battery was low, and I couldn’t find the charger, which lead to the straightening. Found the charger in my briefcase, which I hadn’t used since the Retreat….

I’ll get back to quilting soon, been reading magazines while “straightening” and am getting lots of ideas… I’ll be back at the machine soon.

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