Monday, May 16, 2011

Uh oh, it’s happened!

I knew one of these days it would happen, my brain has exploded with ideas! I’ve been blog hopping looking at all the quilts in Amy’s Blogger Quilt Festival, and would see a quilt I liked and look deeper at it, perhaps clicking on a link or information about a quilt ….. and from there I would look at another blog and another one and kept making notes, and getting ideas, and more ideas and more and more and WOW…. Kaboom… the brain over loaded on me.

Here I sit in my sewing room with a unfinished project on my machine, another one ready to go on the cutting table, three more stacks of fabrics pulled for three more quilts, 37 UFOs on my UFO list, 18 untested future mysteries and or patterns, and now a billion (or close) new ideas for new quilts, and even a few new mysteries.

The quilt on my sewing machine has no chance of being finished if I start another project. I KNOW how it will look finished, and I like it, but am not impressed enough with it to take it any further. It will make a nice quilt for someone, period.

The quilt cut out on the cutting table will also make a nice quilt for someone, and also will go no further than being a quilt to use up fabric. I wanted to try the design, it’s OK, but not anything that special… although who knows once it’s finished I might like it better.

And all these new ideas…. I have the fabrics, I have time, if only I didn’t have to sleep I’d have a LOT more time… but can I possibly do them all… and which one do I do next?


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    You have just hit on the problem that I have as well. When I finish up with one project, my biggest problem is what to do next. I have so much fabric, so many books, so many ideas... It is a wonderful problem; I don't mean to whine. But sometimes it leaves me unable to do anything. And then I just dive in. Good luck.

  2. ah, marge, what a sickness! it's one many of us have though but it could be worse, think of the poor souls who have nothing to occupy their time rather than too many fun things like we do.


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