Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Show

I was just talking to a friend on the telephone and she asked me if I watched the Last Show. I said we didn’t watch that series and she said “what?” I said that I didn’t like that kind of show, too much drama and blood for me.

She said again “What? I explained I don’t like violence, think there is enough of it in real life and I watch shows that are funny and entertaining, or educational. She said this time, “WHAT are you talking about?” I said “What are YOU talking about, I never watched the Last Show?” She roared, at me I might point out, and said that I needed to watch more TV.

I said “There isn’t anything on to watch, although I did see a neat show last night about the rebuilding of the Parthenon.”

She laughed and said “OMG” and I said “What?”

She said you didn’t watch Oprah’s last show? And I said… I thought she went off the air a few months ago, I remember them talking about it on the news…

At this point she was laughing and choking at the same time, serves her right for drinking while talking to me on the phone.. She said Oprah had her last show and that I was probably the only person who didn’t watch it.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’ve probably watched less than an hour of Oprah and that was only while channel hopping. I don’t watch daytime TV unless I am desperately sick. I honestly can not remember ever watching a whole episode… guess I never will now.

So was I the only person who didn’t watch it?

And by the way, I only caught the last five minutes of Idol because it ran over and we were looking for local news and weather, weather more than news.


  1. I didn't watch it either, so you're not alone. I stopped watching her show when my son was little (he's now 17). Most of her subject matter was inappropriate for children.

  2. No you weren't Marge. We didn't watch it either. The only shows we watch are educational or cooking.

  3. I didn't watch it either -- and I don't think I missed a thing. I think she was getting a little too big for her britches.

  4. Don't feel bad. I didn't watch it either. I stopped watching Oprah about 20 years ago :)

  5. Nope, I didn't watch it either. Like you, I don't think I've seen an entire episode in my life.

    I've seen clips of ones, usually shown as part of another show that I *was* watching.

    As for daytime TV? Good gosh, I have better things to do with my time than watch drivel.

  6. Add me to the list of non watchers! I've never, ever seen an Oprah show - and honestly don't think I've missed a thing.

  7. you are not alone, my friend! i not only didn't watch it, i celebrated that it is finally off the air! i'm sure the woman did a lot of good with the show, but it was just too much yackity yack for me. there was only one talk show i ever really liked and that was phil donahue. guess i'm showing my age...

    tammy k. in illinois

  8. NAH, you weren't the only one. I doubt I saw more than 1 or 2 of her shows through the years... and probably not from start to finish either.

    No tv in the studio and if I'm not cleaning house (not often,) cooking or quilting I'm reading a book.


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