Friday, May 13, 2011

No I am not lost

And yes I am OK… I am just in what I am calling my “post-Relay slump” Although I think Relay is telling me to take some time off, since the web site isn’t cooperating with me at all lately. First my virus program told me the site was unsafe and then I get blank pages.. nothing, no “page not found” or such warnings, just a totally blank page. OK.. I get the hint, take a day off.

But I took a few days off, two Mother’s Days and Tuesday too so I feel guilty in taking another day. But I did it anyway… had a nice long chatty lunch with my pal Jamee and came home to do some more work… Relay page still not cooperating, it was there, then I signed in and then it wasn’t there anymore. So I’ll sew… nope, machine wouldn’t go on… wait, the fan stopped…. OH… I see, power is off again. Funny about that, power has been off and on several times today.

So I’ll write this now, thank goodness for a battery operated lap top, just wish my air card would cooperate and let me post this…. Wonder if I will remember to post it when power comes back on.

Few hours later, I remembered, but guess what…. So I tried again later, same thing and then again first thing this morning. So I went about doing some other things, boring things like laundry. After lunch I read a little bit, and something I read reminded me I never posted so I checked, and what do you know, it’s back!

Now I’m going back to doing nothing a.k.a. relaxing!

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