Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother’s Day continued…

Yes, I got a second day out of it this year. Jonathon stayed a second day and did some well needed odd jobs around the yard. Then we dug him up some plants to take back up to his town house, some shade tolerant plants that he could add to his garden, iris, hosta, and some tiny iris called Japanese iris, easy to grow anywhere and plants I’m sure even he can’t kill…. Unless he doesn’t put them in the ground soon enough.

Then we went out for Mother’s Day dinner. I had a craving for ribs so we went to TGIF and had a great dinner. We had a short visit with both boys at and after dinner and then they went on their separate ways.

John is still off, well partially off, he’s working from home this morning but has the afternoon off. Early this morning before it got too hot we did a little more yard work, then he came in to work and here I sit. I want to sew, but I know the minute I go upstairs I’ll think of something I need to do down here, so here I am… trying to decide what to do. I’ll get around to it eventually.

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