Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spammers read blogs

How do I know? Well last week I blogged about needing to clean house and since then I have been swamped with ads about house cleaners, on average 20 a day. I’m not reading them, just deleting, but it doesn’t stop them from emailing me. Perhaps if I say I HIRED A MAID they will leave me alone. It’s not the truth, but worth a try.

And I am known for my generous donations to charity, which is I’m sure why everyone who wants a buck emails me. And people are so generous too, I’ve won more lotteries than I’ve ever entered.

But then again, that might not be true, about spammers reading blogs. I am happily married, and yet I still get emails from Match.com and one to “Meet DE Christian Singles” and even though I’ve quit Facebook I’m still getting Facebook Dating emails. And I just said I as happily married and I’ve never said anything about my …. hmmmm…. how do I put this…. well… ummmm…… about my sex life, but I still get those emails.

What would life be like without spam… will we ever know?

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