Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sewing day

When I finally made it up to the sewing room, I was inspired to make some scrappy eye spy blocks. I’m using a pattern Cindy sent me from Comfort Stitching I had the eye spy pieces and I am also using some of the scraps that came in that magical box. I made nine blocks, which I think is enough for a kids quilt. I was cutting out the sashing when company showed up.

After dinner we decided to go to a favorite place for dessert.

We always take our goodies to the beach to enjoy. While sitting there I was reading the sign, which I think is funny. Not all of it, but honestly, the majority.

No alcohol, ok… no drunks on the beach is a good thing. No jet skis… ok, no little kids getting run over by jet skis. Good thing. No dogs in the summer, good thing, no dog doo doo. However, I counted seven dogs on the beach tonight, guess they don’t know the date. No vehicles, always a good thing so no kids get run over, it’s a small beach. No boating, makes sense to me.

Now it gets good. No balls or Frisbees? Wait, this is a beach. No balls or Frisbees? That has to be a mistake. Apparently people aren’t reading the sign, there was a family playing Frisbee and another family playing catch…. AND shudder, there were a whole bunch playing volley ball over an imaginary net.

No sleeping on the beach? Heaven forbid you fall asleep and get arrested for doing so.

No fishing? I loved watching all the little kids with their fishing poles trying to catch a whale… guess they can’t do that any more.

No fires, that means no roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Darn.

Finally, Beach party permits required. What is a party? Is that family playing Frisbee a party? The gang playing catch? Do they need a permit to play volley ball? I mean there were ten of them out there, certainly that’s a party!

And it says “Strictly Enforced by Police”. Yep, that I know for a fact is true, they hire beach cops. I want to be there when they arrest a two year old for fishing, or a baby for playing with a beach ball. And that Grandpop and Grandson tossing the ball… lock them up.

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