Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bonnie commented…

Laughing at you Marge... or, knowing you, with you re boring colors. You really haven't been up sewing in quite a long time! I generally can remember the backside of my blocks... but not always.

As for your finish a top before starting another? What would you do if you didn't have a ufo to take out and rant at... or talk about... you get the picture. Thanks for a laugh this morning. B.

Yes, she knows me well. I do sew up… upstairs, and yes, I normally do remember the backsides of my blocks. Or actually what the front side looks like when I can only see the backs. But in the case of the current WIP, I started them so long ago that I did not remember the front side until I opened them up to iron them out. And the other thing… many of the fabrics in this project are not MY fabrics, they are fabrics I purchased on eBay from a now friend.

As for finishing a top before starting another… a UFO top is MUCH easier to deal with than a bunch of blocks. I’ve found that if my UFO is just blocks, I am not motivated at all to finish them. If it is a top, all I need is backing, a ride to the quilter, binding and then it is done. That’s my theory at least and that is what I hope to do for now on.

The quilt is question is progressing and I am still liking it a lot.

PS, My I HIRED A MAID didn’t work, I got more maid spam this morning. And I got a whole bunch of apartment spam… why do they think I’m looking for an apartment? Maybe because I said on here that we’re selling the mobile home?

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  1. Now you are giving me a laugh in the afternoon. Funny, I much prefer working on the piecing part of quilting. Even if I have to put together rows, or blocks to rows. I'm not as enamored of the actual quilting even with the long arm. Maybe because it takes me a while to decide how to quilt it or maybe because Ruthie is being ornery still. But, I have a few almost ready -- once the quilting gets done! Ha! B.


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