Saturday, May 28, 2011

I survived!

I survived dress shopping AND I even found a dress. Very interesting excursion I will say, I’ve never been to a bridal saloon before. Whoops, bridal salon…. Both would be equal torture to me, LOL! But this one was quite pleasant with lots of room and very open and comfortable. There were two walls lined with mother-of-the-bride dresses and I truly thought I would not find a dress that suited me. They were either too slinky, strapless, clingy or so overly glitzed up that I wouldn’t be caught dead in it. The girl kept pulling dresses off the rack I would never wear, and I was truly starting to feel like it would be t-shirt and jeans for me at the wedding.

I was relieved when Terry, the mother of the bride, told me she felt the same way. She tried in several dresses and looked great in all of them. I went into the closet to try dresses on and … no, not for me. One I couldn’t figure out how to get off the hanger, so it stayed there. Another one I thought might work was itchy with lace, so it went back on the hanger. I tried on one maybe, but it was too revealing and sleeveless, and the jacket was itchy.

The girl went and pulled to more dresses, and one looked good on the hanger so I knew it had a fighting chance. She had to help me put it on, since it was too small. But we managed to get it over the hips, and almost all the way on. It had a padded bosom, something I do not need, but since I couldn’t get it over my naturally padded bosom it didn’t matter. I went out and showed it off, me and my four boobs, and we all decided it would work.

Then to decide color. The color I wanted, eggplant, was too close to the mother of the bride’s dress and I felt she should have first choice. There was one color on the list of names that cracked me up, Royple. It gave me the giggles and I had to ask what it was. Well it turns out it is exactly what it sounds like it would be, a cross between royal blue and purple and perfect for the mother of the groom.

I hadn’t even looked at the price, and now was terrified to do so. A few of the dresses that I’d looked at the price tags of where well over $500, several close to $1000. I only paid $85 for my own wedding dress… I sat down in a comfortable chair, and turned the price tag over…. Whew! Only $230. I could afford it. And it’s royple… I’m a happy mother of the groom!

PS, this is my dress in red. Now if I could grown my hair long and lose 100 pounds I would look like this... dreaming.

And I forgot to say I will be shortening it. With what I have to cut off to make it my length I might get enough fabric to put sleeves on it, which I might just do.

PS. yes, the sleeves you see are a jacket, worthless jacket in my opinion. If there isn't enough fabric to make sleeves from what I cut off to shorten my dress, I might use that sheer jacket to make sleeves. One way or another, I will get sleeves on that dress.

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  1. That is a very pretty dress. I too am overweight and have a short dress that is a similar style and looks very good on me. I am presuming that is a matching jacket since you mentioned making sleeves for the dress. The color sounds great so it should look perfect on you in your role as mother of the groom. Hope you plan on posing some pictures of the bride & groom and everyone else on the big day.


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