Thursday, August 11, 2011


I’ve never been one to follow crowds, I avoid them as much as possible.  To me 25 is a crowd.  I’ve never been one to follow a fad either, I do my own thing.  But to find out that I am one of 21,300,00 quilters in the country did not surprise me.  I kind of thought there were more of us out there. 

Quilting is a part of life to so many of us, I’m guessing they missed a few when they counted.  They were out shopping, or at a show, or at a retreat, or too busy to answer the door when the quilt police came by to count them.   Is there a box on the census under occupation that says “Quilter”? 

If so, did many of the quilters in America just put it down as a hobby?  Quilting is much more than a hobby.  Quilting is a way of life.  A way of creating, sharing, giving, learning and so very much more.   


  1. way of life? i second that marge, hobbies come and go but quilters never stop quilting, not that i've ever heard that is...

  2. Really, over 21 million quilters? That is big business.

    I got a kick out of your previous post -- I often feel like a raccoon -- any shiny object distracts me, except change shiny object to quilt blog or email!

    Glad you are getting some sewing done, LOL... Cheers. B.

  3. I wonder how "they" got that number? I don't recall getting a polling phone call or filling out a "what kind of an addict" are you questionnaire - so I know I wasn't counted in that number. Color me 21,300,001? :-)


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