Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More sewing, sort of

Yes I sewed today, a whole seam.  I was squaring blocks and found a pinch I’d sewed in a seam, so had to rip it out and sew it back again.  Well… sew it without the pinch that is.  When I finished that I went back to squaring blocks again. 

Except my rotary cutter wasn’t working well… leaving way too many un-cut threads so I had to change the blade. 
Except when I put it back together it didn’t look right, so I came in to look on line for the correct way to reassemble a rotary cutter. 
There were several emails waiting to be answered, then a few dozen more to send out, then replies to those to reply to, then some accounting to be done after I got the mail, then more emails to be sent to let ladies know their checks had arrived, more email in and out. 
Then someone emailed to ask if I had a certain gadget I could sell her at the retreat, which meant a trip up to the sewing room… and while I was there I got to looking at my stash…. Something was calling me and of course I had to answer.  So I brought a pile of fabric back down with me.
Then I replied to the retreater who asked for that gadget and a few more emails that came in, and all of a sudden it is past dinner time and I haven’t had dinner, let alone finish squaring those blocks.

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